Wuthering Heights

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  • etat bon état
  • auteur emily brontë
  • editions oxford university press
  • Année 2000
  • collection Oxford Bookworms Library
  • reliure Broché


Wuthering Heights

The wind is strong on the Yorkshire moors. There are few trees, and fewer houses, to block its path. There is one house, however, that does not hide from the wind. It stands out from the hill and challenges the wind to do its worst. The house is called Wuthering Heights.
When Mr Earnshaw brings a strange, small, dark child back home to Wuthering Heights, it seems he has opened his doors to trouble. He has invited in something that, like the wind, is safer kept out of the house.
Commentaires sur l'état : Wuthering Heights (2006) - Emily Brontë - Occasion - Bon Etat

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