The Last Precinct

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  • etat bon état
  • auteur patricia cornwell
  • editions little, brown and company books
  • Année 2001


The Last Precinct

Chandonne has been arrested. But Scarpetta's problems are just beginning ...

We enter The Last Precinct through the reverberating aftershocks of Black Notice, inconceivably finding Virginia's Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta an object of suspicion - and criminal investigation. And the nightmare perpetuated on Scarpetta's doorstep continues as she discovers that the so-called Werewolf murders may have extended to New York City and into the darkest corners of her past.

When a formidable prosecutor, a female assistant district
attorney from New York, is brought into the case, Scarpetta must struggle to make what she knows to be the truth prevail against mounting and unnerving evidence to the contrary. Tested in every way, she turns inward to ask: where do you go when there is nowhere left?
The answer is The Last Precinct.
Commentaires sur l'état : The last precinct (2001) - Patricia Daniels Cornwell - Occasion - Bon Etat

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