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  • etat bon état
  • auteur Patrick Robinson
  • editions Arrow Books
  • Année 2005



Despatched on a mission bristling with peril deep into the dark, forbidden waters of the China Sea, disaster strikes. In a shocking accident, Seawolf is suddenly, catastrophically at the mercy of the Chinese, her crew captive, the billion-dollar ship in enemy hands.
In the White House, Admiral Morgan knows the disaster has repercussions that could cause the biggest confrontation between Washington and Beijing in more than forty years. At the risk of starting World War III, Morgan orders SPECWARCOM to send in the Navy SEALs to rescue the Americans at all costs.
The terrifying struggle between the wounded American eagle and the stirring Chinese dragon that follows is a desperate race against the clock where the costs are almost too much to contemplate...
'Robinson is one of the crown princes of the beach-read thriller. Clear the calendar when you buy Seawolf: it will cost you a weekend.'
STEPHEN COONTS, bestselling author of CUBA

Livre d'occasion écrit par Patrick Robinson
paru en 2005 aux éditions Arrow Books.


488 pages

Code ISBN / EAN : 9780099405269

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