Hot Pursuit

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  • etat bon état
  • auteur gemma fox
  • editions harpercollins publishers
  • Année 2004


Hot Pursuit

Magie Morgan has been longing to find Mr Right all her life but even she didn't expect him to be delivered to her door, giftwrapped in a skimpy towel, one sunny summer morning. Sexy Nick Lucas seems almost too good to be true - and maybe he is. Arriving out of nowhere, he seems to have no past, no family, no history: things just don't add up. But then again he's not the first man Maggie's been out with to have led a double life. As Nick's past starts to catch up with him, Maggie becomes embroiled in an exciting cat-and-mouse chase across the country. Temperatures rise and passion sizzles but although Maggie has the hots for Nick, can she take the heat?
Commentaires sur l'état : Hot pursuit (2004) - Gemma Fox - Occasion - Bon Etat

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