Brand New Friend

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  • etat bon état
  • auteur mike gayle
  • editions hodder & stoughton
  • Année 2005
  • reliure Broché


Brand New Friend

When Rob's girlfriend asks him to leave London and live with her in Manchester, it means leaving behind his best mate in the entire world. Believing that love conquers all and confident that he'll meet new mates, Rob takes the plunge. Six months in, and yet to find so much as a regular drinking buddy, Rob realises that sometimes making friends in your thirties can be the hardest thing to do. With drastic action needed, hid girlfriend places an ad in the classifieds for him. Three excruciatingly embarrassing "bloke dates" later, he's on the verge of despair... until his luck changes. There's just one problem. Apart from knowing less than nothing about music trivia, football, and the vital statistics of supermodels, Rob's new friend has a huge flaw. She's a girl...

Livre d'occasion écrit par Mike Gayle
paru en 2005 aux éditions Hodder & Stoughton, .


344 pages, Broché, Poche

Code ISBN / EAN : 9780340895658

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