Balancing Act. Edition en anglais

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  • etat bon état
  • auteur joanna trollope
  • editions black swan/carousel/corgi
  • Année 2014
  • marque_editoriale Black Swan
  • reliure Dos carré collé


Balancing Act. Edition en anglais

Four strong women. All working in a family business. But what happens when they begin to want different things ? And what about the men - and the children - in their lives ? Susie Moran has always been the breadwinner in her family. Her husband was the one who was there for their three girls. But now he wants something of his past back - the life he had before Susie's career took off, before they had children. And those children don't see their mother's business the way she has always seen it, thereby threatening the balance she has worked so hard to achieve. And then, amidst the simmering tensions, someone significant from the past, someone almost forgotten, turns up - challenging the stability of both family and work. Which relationships - if any - will survive ?
Commentaires sur l'état : Balancing act (2014) - Joanna Trollope - Occasion - Bon Etat

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